Daily Walks 

"This group has helped me mentally being able to share with others that understand. The discos are always fun and uplifting, the walks the energy and passion that's been given to others struggling during these difficult times has been amazing long may it continue, its helping so many vulnerable people." 
I cannot get out to walk as I’m at work all day at home - the morning walk helps calm me for the day" 
"Walk in the park, means so much i have been shielded since mid March and unable to walk in the conservation land next to my home and the country park 5 minutes walk away with my dog, until i can again, lovely to be on the walk hearing and seeing the changes in nature." 
I love the morning walks with Nicky I’ve made some great connections and friendships 
"The walk is so therapeutic watching Nicky walk through the park with her dogs . The trees the leaves rustling, the blossoms blooming, flowers opening the birds singing, the squirrels running up the trees the ducks quacking the swans Serena on the lake. The dogs tails wagging. Nicky showing us all this with a conversation as if you are walking with her. You really feel you have been on that walk So On behalf off everyone who cannot Go out or walk that far Thank You for this it gives us a piece of nature at its best relaxing mindfulness to start our day." 

Well-Being Chat and Mindfulness 

"The whole mindfulness session leaves you feeling in a better place giving you the energy off you can do this" 
"Chat & mindfulness has given me the time to sit alone & look after ME so I can continue to help everyone I am supporting thank you." 
Chat and Mindfulness is so informative and relaxing and often leaves me waking up long after it has finished, love going back and redoing them. 
I never thought mindfullness would work. But ive seen the results and even in myself. The confidence overflows if u let it. Ur not alone and never will be with this group. 

Friday Night Live Disco 

"I love music, love to laugh but even when we can go out I’m nervous in crowds, this is the best of both worlds," 
"The Friday night Discos put on again kindly by Nicky & Justin Price is so welcoming, friendly and gives the participants a chance to be involved to relax and most importantly be themselves" 
"Friday Disco, well what not to say, love these the best night of the week, fun and quiz and laughter and tears and dance and community and just amazing. " 
"I look forward to Friday Disco all week it is a great stress reliever and with all the good music and energy it’s always a hoot." 
"Music has always uplifted my spirits. I use it everywhere I go from doing exercises and karaoke at the nursing home I work in to de-stressing at my own home. I look forward to your discos as an upbeat and positive thing to end my week... a kind of re-energizer if you will. I also love hearing songs I’ve never heard before and putting them into my various playlists. Thank you for doing these. I truly appreciate them." 
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