Nicky Price - Creative Director 

Founder of Rainbow after the Storm, Nicky has helped thousands of people to see the person that they are inside. Nicky has read, studied and questioned hundreds (probably thousands) of people along the way on how they have gotten back onto their feet again. From this she has created several successful courses, which she hopes will benefit anyone that is struggling. These courses are available both online and face to face. 

Gordon Gandy - Director of Finance 

Hiya. My build up to joining the management team at Rainbow goes back many years. Let me explain. I have always worked in school or the community in some way, whether that was as a tuck shop supervisor in the church youth group, as a school prefect, a volunteer treasurer in an over sixties club, as a volunteer radio presenter or as a Manbassador for the town. 
So when Nicky asked me to be a director first and now also the treasurer, I was delighted to contribute to Rainbow. 
I like listening to all kinds of music (rock pop, new age, relaxation, classical). I have my own website about Warrington’s history (mywarrington). I love reading and research. When I can I like to visit castles, stately homes, museums and to take photographs of where I go. 
What Rainbow means to me is a chance to offer help to people who are in a similar place to me when I struggled with my mental health issues, to share my thoughts, anxieties and, yes, happy times with others and to be inspired by the success stories of group members who have gained support and positivity from being part of Rainbow. Long may it continue!! 


Our popular Friday night Padre is often around to offer his words of wisdon and kindness, along with a large sprinkle of fun, laughter and hilarity. See him every Friday evening between 8.30pm - 9.00pm 

 Emma George 

Hello, my names Emma, I am on the autistic spectrum, also suffer from bouts of anxiety, I am Carer for my daughter whom also has asd and adhd depression and anxiety I also have a son who is on the spectrum and has anxiety… I’ve been a single mum for 18yrs. 
I’m fun loving and can be serious when I need to be… I love music and always wanted to be a DJ. 
I love animals.. esp geese and hamsters and otters and doggos. 
I have been struck by lightning before and obviously survived… which I cracked a joke about as soon as it happened… I was filming a storm out of a window… didn’t realise how close it was... and it got me... (more the camera, luckily) but I had zoomed in and that’s the joke I made 'no wonder it got me, it’s on wide range'. I haven’t felt me thumb that much since. 
I love to help people and make people happy as in turn it makes me happy and that’s a win win, I also enjoy doing meditations and mindfulness. 
I joined the rainbow group as I was struggling with crippling anxiety over the pandemic… I couldn’t eat or sleep I lost 2 stone in 2 weeks and I was going for days at a time not being able to sleep... then when I did drop off my body would jolt me awake everytime … Nicky really helped me with her walks .. meditation and the Friday discos. One thing she said helped me more then anything ‘just because you think it doesn’t make it true… you’re thoughts are not the truth ‘ I’m now proud to say I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had… and I’ve never even them... Rainbow is a place for love laughter and support… there for each other. Thank you so much rainbow. 

 Marie Worrall 

Hi I’m Marie Worrall, admin for Rainbow After the Storm (Where Mental Health Matters). 
I am a fully trained “Listener” for the Samaritans. 
This has helped me to realize how it does really help to reach out to let others know how you are feeling, to be listened to, to be non-judgmental, to give that person a moment to be heard. 
On Rainbow we give them the safety to explain their anxieties, their fears, and to help them to know they are not alone. We have seen how important this is, that they have friends, a realization someone is there who cares. Building a trust being a family that is there for you. 
Sharing craft skills, art, music and laughter. We have the most amazing people on Rainbow from all walks of life. Wanting and giving their time, be it for bereavement anxiety, depression, loneliness or mental health. The importance of not bottling it up . 
On Rainbow you can offload your feelings and the response is truly remarkable. A beautiful Rainbow family I am proud to be a part of. 
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