Nicky Price 

Founder of Rainbow after the Storm, Nicky has helped thousands of people to see the person that they are inside. Nicky has read, studied and questioned hundreds (probably thousands) of people along the way on how they have gotten back onto their feet again. From this she has created several successful courses, which she hopes will benefit anyone that is struggling. These courses are available both online and soon to be back face to face. 

Louise and Kadria 

Louise and Kadria host Mindfulness sessions through song. Voice Assembly's ethos is helping people to become the best they can be using music and song. Kadria and Louise talk about life in general, the things we all go through and are going through! They both speak from truth & experience .Join Louise and Kadria with their 'down to earth' personalities every Thursday at 2pm. 


Our popular Friday night Padre is often around to offer his words of wisdon and kindness, along with a large sprinkle of fun, laughter and hilarity. See him every Friday evening between 8.30pm - 9.00pm 
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