Great news! We have been selected as one of three community groups in the Warrington area for the Tesco 
in-store vote with £1500/£1000/£500 available to the group with the most, second and third number of votes. 
To vote, you will need to make a purchase within store of any value. You will receive one token per transaction. 
In-store you will see the following information about us on the promotional stand: 
Rainbow After the Storm CIC 
A Little Time for Me 
Provides mental health & wellbeing support help with stress & anxiety, reduce social isolation & loneliness, creating calm and build confidence via both in-person & online classes. 
The Warrington area stores taking part are as follows: 
2976 Orford Green Express WA2 8PB Express 
3345 Warrington Extra WA2 7NE Extra 
4785 Hood Manor Exp WA5 1UH Express 
4788 Dam Lane Exp WA1 4EP Express 
5277 Longford Warrington Exp WA2 8JE Express 
5541 Grappenhall Warrington Exp WA4 2QJ Express 
5917 Penketh Warrington Exp WA5 2JW Express 
6080 Warrington Man Rd Exp WA1 3NJ Express 
The promotion runs until Mid-January 2023. 
Thanks in advance if you shop in Tesco branches in Warrington! 
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