Great news! 
Help raise some funds for Rainbow via Crowdfunder with matched funding from the Co-op! 
Dear friends 
"Rainbow after the storm CIC changes lives" "Thank you I am feeling so much better about myself now" "Instead of feeling anxious all of the time I can now find ways to feel more in control which lets me feel calmer" 
These are some of the wonderful comments we have had about the work we have done over the last 3 years (Can you believe its been 3 years!!) NOW Rainbow once gain wants to help out this time during the cost of living crisis and offer more FREE resources and FREE classes so COOP have arranged Matched Funding via Crowdfunder (link below) 
For every donation made towards this project CO-OP will match it up to £250. Only 1 donation per supporter will be matched. 
We have also added a bonus for £5, £10 & £20+ donations we will send you via email a copy of our Rainbow workbooks (see link below of click the main Crowdfunder banner above for details of which ones available) 
We have 7.2K members on our page ❤️ 
Imagine how much we could raise for Rainbow if we are able to make even a £1 donation. 
Then the co-op matches it, we could do sooooo much for our community. 
We know times are really hard at the moment for ALL of us, but if you could just give ONE POUND it would help soooo much ❤️🙏 
Our feedback has been unbelievable, so many people making new friends, people who are lonely, being able to chat about our worries and know we are not being judged. 
Please help us to help our community 🙏❤️ 
Hope you have read this far 😂 and you will help and a great big thank you in advance for your support ❤️ 
Co-op Warm Spaces Funding Boost is providing live match funding 

Click the link below to make a pledge 

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